Jesus Is Coming Back Again!

Nearly two thousand years ago a little group of men, handpicked by Jesus, stood on the Mount of Olives with eyes fixed on the skies. Only a moment ago they had been talking to Jesus – and now He was gone.
Those disciples stood – transfixed – gazing into the clouds. Would He come back and speak with them again? How long would He be gone this time?

Where are we prophetically?

Prophecy is very clear about the End Times… what we can expect and how to see what God is doing in spite of all the trouble and stress. We are living in such exciting time and I want to offer you my seven-set series that takes a look at these remarkable times for just $7 (more…)

How Close Are We To Midnight?

We are watching the drama play out in the Middle East as Gaza pours rockets into Israel and suffers the consequences. How many are aware that Iran is encouraging Hamas (Gaza) and Hezbollah (Lebanon) to stir up trouble? Israel knows the real threat is Iran, her northern neighbor, and has threatened to neutralize her nuclear (more…)