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Self-Publishing Specialist

The opportunities for self-publishing are tremendous. Due to technological advances, companies like Amazon open the door to a truly global audience,  making it possible to share our message with the world at minimal cost and maximum exposure.

Kindle & Paperback Publishing

Publishing Kindle and Paperback books on makes our books available globally. Anyone with a digital device of any sort can read kindle books. Kindle reading apps are freely available for computers, smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. Buyers receive their books 60 seconds after ordering them from Amazon. The royalties are outstanding and this is excellent passive income. And, of course, you can turn your kindle books into print books and publish those on Amazon as well. Why not have the best of both worlds?!

Self-Publishing Consultant

It is also my passion to enable Christian writers and authors to share their story with our global world, especially in these critical days as we anticipate the Soon Return of Christ. I founded the Global Publishing Academy in January 2017 for authors who want to learn the necessary skills. Plus I also offer a “done-for-you” Publishing Service.

I love to encourage Pastors, Christian leaders, and People with a Passion to re-purpose their sermons, teaching material and expertise into kindle books for a world that has limited access to libraries. Long ago people passed on their knowledge by word-of-mouth. Today we have the opportunity to share with our generation and leave a legacy for future generations at the same time.

“The world does not need more Christian literature. What it needs is more Christians writing good literature.” – C.S. Lewis

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Publishing books involves a lot more than just writing. There are many considerations like copyrights, ISBN numbers, publishing accounts, royalties, and marketing. You thought you would just sit down at your computer and start writing your book, didn’t you?!

Every writer needs a Mentor to save time, money, frustration and wasted effort. So I invite you to click on the links in the menu bar and make use of my services.

Val Waldeck
Author | Bible Teacher | Self-Publishing Consultant – Reaching Our Generation One Book at a Time