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Digital Devices


Payment Processors/ECommerce


  • Computer SMSs – send SMSs via your computer
  • Currency Converter
  • Book Depository – Get Amazon books with free shipping worldwide
  • Dictionaries – Search 325 Dictionaries simultaneously
  • Dropbox – send very big files over the internet quickly and easily & share files with friends
  • TinyJPG – Automatically downsize your images
  • TinyUrl – Shorten your web urls
  • Trello – Best Management System for your Life and Business


  • Canva – Make your own professional adverts, covers, etc. The Colors Design Wiki teaches you everything you need to know about colors, their meanings (including hex codes) and the many color combinations that will hopefully give inspiration to your next design.
  • Draft2Digital – Publish your books internationally in many formats
  • Global Publishing Academy – Publishing Books on Amazon
  • Hex Color Codes
  • Smashwords – for various digital formats, e.g. ePub for Apple devices plus many more.

Video Tools

  • Animoto – Make free videos
  • Simple Video Management  Software – Effortlessly organize all your videos – S3, YouTube, Vimeo, self-hosted – in one spot. Truly responsive player works on all browsers, all devices, all sites (even HTML & platforms like ClickFunnels). Exactly what you need to add videos to your website. It just works!
  • Motionbox is a video design platform that features an arsenal of tools that cuts down the effort of creating any visual content. It features a huge library of templates that can be used as-is, or may serve as the foundation of your design. It also has a collection of fonts and multimedia files that include audio, images, and videos, most of which you may freely use for your project.  Motionbox is quite easy to use, thanks to its drag-and-drop interface that brings creativity out of its users. With features such as music visualization, GIF editor, auto-translate video, video trimmer, and video calendar, it offers an unlimited possibility when it comes to design.

  • VEED, an easy-to-use online video editor. It has tools that are intuitive and make video editing tasks simple. You can cut, crop, rotate, add music, text, even generate subtitles automatically. The days of downloading clunky video software are over. VEED brings you one-click editing online. It’s used by thousands of content creators – marketers, teachers, creatives – with a focus on producing material that engages and grows audiences. They are adding new features all the time, and have great customer service (with a Live Chat) if you ever need help.