With My Own Eyes

ValWaldeck.comWe’re going on an Africa Book Safari! Together, we will discover some of the rich, diverse colors and nuances of Africa through stories, devotions, and memoirs, all set in Africa. What’s more, because we are writers, we would like to invite you all to come along with us!

For free!

We will be traveling together in a blog hop through ten blog posts featuring fiction and non-fiction books, all centered in Africa. Our Safari Guide will be interviewing each of us, and we invite you to listen in as we chat about ourselves and our books.  You will find the interviews on the author’s own sites, as well as posted on one another’s blogs or websites.

So come along and join in the fun! And here comes our guide who will be taking us on our safari.

Safari Guide: Hi! I believe you are Val Waldeck, is that correct?

Val: I am indeed. And you, I presume, are going to be our Tour Leader for this great time. What should we call you?

Safari Guide: You can call me Mr. Africa!

Are you all comfortable? Please buckle up your seat-belts. Starting today, I plan to show you all different angles to this continent.

Val, it’s your turn to sit upfront with me. Everyone, let’s go discover Africa!

As our large safari landrover moves away from the buildings and
heads into the wilds of Africa, Mr. Africa swings in his seat to face me.

Safari Guide / Mr. Africa: So, Val, tell me a bit about yourself. Have you always lived in Africa?

Val: Yes, I was born in Bedford in the Eastern Cape. My Dad was a Station Master and the Railways moved him around the country quite a lot. I think we moved approximately every two years, so I saw a lot of South Africa. He was promoted to a desk job in Durban at the end of my Matric year and have lived here ever since.

Mr. Africa: And what family do you have?

Val: I have four siblings, one older brother and sister, and one younger brother and sister. I am happily single and the delight of my life is a little Toy Pom named Penny.

Mr. Africa: Val, did you always want to be a writer? Or what prompted you to start writing?

Val: I love books and read a lot. I was always commended at school for my writing ability, but I never really considered being a writer. When I became the Pastoral Assistant at Living Waters Church in Durban, I pioneered the Church magazine and wrote a lot of articles. I love teaching the Bible and people kept asking for my Bible Study notes. Eventually, I put a series of Cults & Isms called What Do They Believe? into book form. That was the beginning of my interest in publishing.

Mr. Africa: What genre do you write in, and why?

Val: My main genre is Christian books. I also write books about publishing and online marketing. I have 8 paperbacks on sale at Amazon and 63 Ebooks. All except 10 are on Christian topics.

Mr. Africa: What book are you going to be sharing with us during this safari? Tell us a little about it. What inspired this particular story or topic?

Val: There is so much negative news about South Africa, I wanted to write about the positive things God is doing in our continent. The book is called “With My Own Eyes” and shares ten positive true stories of South African Christians who have made a difference in their world. I’ve walked with them and experienced the events With My Own Eyes. You will read about the miraculous behind-the-scene incidents that saved South Africa from bloodshed during the 1994 elections to the amazing conversion of unreached Pygmie tribes in the Congo during October this year.

Mr. Africa: Val, it sounds exciting, and I’m looking forward to reading it myself. You obviously have a deep love for this land. What in particular makes Africa so special for you?

Val: I’ve traveled a lot, but this colorful land with its magnificent scenery, wildlife, and warm-hearted people takes a lot of beating. I love that strangers chat happily to one another in lifts, supermarket queues, and wherever they find themselves. In spite of the crime, this is an interesting place to live.

Mr. Africa: Okay, everyone. Ahead of us, you’ll see a large water hole where the lions and other animals are refreshing themselves while keeping a wary eye on the hungry crocodiles. As we park and watch them, I’ll hand out some refreshments, and perhaps one of the other authors can join me in the front.

Val, which do you prefer? Coffee or tea? Sweet or savory?

Val: A nice cup of hot tea will be great, thank you. Aha, I see some delicious Muffins. Are we going to have our Braai (Barbeque) here?

Mr. Africa: Not yet, we don’t want the lions to catch the smell of all this lovely meat. That could be a disaster. Everyone must stay in the vehicle, please.

We have quite a few people in our group. They are Greg Mackinnon, Ashley Winter, Lisa Harris, Anna Jensen, Marion Ueckermann, Dianne J. Wilson, Lynnette Bonner, and Shirley Corder.