Publishing and Marketing Courses

Self-Publishing Specialist

All my Publishing and Marketing courses are currently being moved to The Global Publishing Academy.

This page will be updated as the courses are published.

Publishing & Marketing Courses online

Pending Courses – In process of being moved

Writing Courses

  • How to write a book
  • How to write Ebooks that sell
  • Self-Editing for Beginners

Administration Courses

  • PayPal Basics
  • EPUB – How to open a banking account in the USA if you are not an American citizen

Marketing & Promotion Courses

  • Facebook Marketing Made Easy
  • Google Plus Marketing Made Easy
  • Instagram Marketing Made Easy
  • LinkedIn Marketing Made Easy
  • List Building Masterclass
  • Social Media Authority
  • Twitter Marketing Made Easy
  • YouTube Mastery

Productivity Courses

  • Dealing with Procrastination
  • Evernote Video Training – Get Organized
  • Get More Done with Trello – Organize your life and business and become more productive
  • Zapier – Automate Your Business


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