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Publishing and Marketing Courses

Self-Publishing Specialist

All my Publishing and Marketing courses are currently being moved to The Global Publishing Academy.

This page will be updated as the courses are published.

Publishing & Marketing Courses online

For all your creative writing, editorial and graphic requirements

If you are looking for a good editor, graphic artist or proofreader, you have come to the right place. I personally recommend all these good folks. Contact them for quotations.
Contact these good folk for quotes.


Editors & Proofreaders: Professionals I recommend include:

  • Anne Erikson – Professional Technical Writer, Copy Editor and Proofreader.  Member of the Professional Editors’ Group (PEG).
  • Louise Hamlyn – Professional Proofreader and Copy Editor.  Member of the Professional Editors’ Guild (PEG).
  • Mos van Schoor – Professional Editing / Ghostwriting.
  • Charlene Wild – Typing, transcribing, emailed Dictaphone, Virtual Assistant, internet research, emails, amending, editing, printing, scanning, photocopying, admin etc.  I am able to assist someone writing a book or an article for a magazine and do all their drafts, amendments etc until the book/article is complete, or lawyers who need transcribing done.  I can do all their rough drafts, amendments etc until completion.
The difference between an Editor and a Proofreader

Proofreading is the process of correcting surface errors in writing, such as grammatical, spelling, punctuation and other language mistakes. Editing requires much more input from an editor than proofreading. The editing process involves improving the flow and quality of a written document and will generally include work on the content, overall structure, quality of evidence and analysis, clarity, style and referencing.

Professional Layout & Cover Design: Clive Thompson – Professional Layout and Cover Design, Photography, Printing Consultant. 
Translation: Annatjie Laurie – Translations from English to Afrikaans.

Indexing: Have you ever searched in vain through a book looking for a particular topic? It’s not easy to search for specific pieces of information in a Contents list. Give your non-fiction book added value with a professionally-produced index. Rather than having a detailed Contents list, save space on that and make more room for an index. Your readers will thank you. An index costs no more than any other quality editorial service. Cutting the index may be a false economy. After all, books with indexes sell!
Anne Erikson

Pending Courses – In process of being moved

Writing Courses

  • How to write Ebooks that sell
  • Self-Editing for Beginners

Administration Courses

  • PayPal Basics
  • EPUB – How to open a banking account in the USA if you are not an American citizen

Marketing & Promotion Courses

Productivity Courses


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