How To Get More Things Done

The Answer to Procrastination

Are you feeling stressed and under pressure? There just seems to much to do and too little time?

Many years ago a USA company hired someone to organize their business. The chap took a good look at the way the business worked. “I will turn your business around,” he promised. “Do what I tell you and then decide what my advice is worth.” …Continue Reading

“It’s so hard to die!” She Said.

I sat at the bedside of a dear old saint (a genuine believer) some years ago. Her name was Elaine Mather and she really loved the Lord. She was in the ICU of a Durban hospital and very, very ill. …Continue Reading

How To Get More Books Sold

A-to_Z_MarketingKindle | eBook      Just Published!

The A-Z Marketing book is all about marketing and getting your book noticed. Authors are notoriously introverts and marketing and promoting their books is a scary process. Of course, this valuable information will be useful in the promotion of any product.

Every Author is an Entrepreneur. We know that merely writing a book – and even publishing it – won’t necessarily bring readers. We have to develop marketing skills. …Continue Reading

Four Important Considerations Before Writing Your Book

So many people harbor a secret desire to write a book that it is almost a rite of passage now that Internet access has become so accessible. That ease of publishing does, however, have some very critical requirements that will make or break your desire to become an author. …Continue Reading

The Odds Against Fulfilled Prophecy

ProphecySeriesWars, violence, earthquakes, floods, diseases, moral decay… troubles on every hand! Our earth is in a state of chaos, political turmoil and economic decline and things seem to be getting worse every day.

Don’t be too surprised – two thousand years ago the Lord Jesus Christ said things would get so bad on earth that men’s hearts would fail “from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of heaven will be shaken” in anticipation of the return of Christ to our world. “Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.” (Luke 21:26,27). …Continue Reading

Jesus Is Coming Back Again!

Prophecy and the Return of ChristNearly two thousand years ago a little group of men, handpicked by Jesus, stood on the Mount of Olives with eyes fixed on the skies. Only a moment ago they had been talking to Jesus – and now He was gone.

Those disciples stood – transfixed – gazing into the clouds. Would He come back and speak with them again? How long would He be gone this time?

…Continue Reading

What Motivates You?

You might be surprised at what I am about to say! Motivation is a “spiritual” thing which comes from within. It’s very hard to motivate people to do anything, unless they make an inner decision to do it. As they say, “You can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink.” What then motives people? …Continue Reading

Leaving a Legacy: Is There a Book in You?

The Apostle Paul challenged young Timothy to “entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others” the truths he had learned from his mentor. (2 Tim. 2:2). The same challenge rings true today. Do you have something valuable to share? What legacy will you leave for those who follow? Is there a book in you? …Continue Reading

How to Market and Promote Your Books and Products

Reflection on the A to Z Blog Challenge

A-to-Z+Reflection+[2015]+-+LgWe had a fun month in April 2015 with the A to Z Challenge, blogging on a different aspect of our chosen topic for 30 days. I chose Marketing and Promotion of your books and products because I know how difficult it is to sell your books without good traffic. Been there.. done that.. got the T-shirt! …Continue Reading

ZERO to Hero in Thirty Days

ZHow to Become a Social Media HERO from Zero Publicity in just Thirty Days and be recognized as an Expert in your Field. …Continue Reading