How to Get Free Targeted Traffic & Make Your Voice Heard Globally

Watch this Video and learn how to get into Podcasting (creating and distributing audio files). I am planning to use this for producing Bible Studies. This is an exciting way to reach an audience and build a mailing list and an effective way to reach people who are interested in the topic of our books. Launching October 28. …Continue Reading

Johannesburg Kindle Seminar: Authors, be everywhere on every device globally!

Can you imagine your book being seen on every screen on every device by a growing global audience? Can you dream about UNLIMITED TRAFFIC  bringing UNLIMITED BUYERS to YOUR BOOKS, all with credit cards in hand LOOKING for new books to buy? Can you feel the joy of meeting people all over your world stopping you and saying, “Your book changed my life!”? …Continue Reading

Global Publishing Course: Special 2-Day Offer


For a limited period of only 2 days this powerful publishing course
will be available for only $37 (R400).
Normally $97 (R900).

Val - Reaching Our Generation One Book at a Time

Do you have a “book in you” or a burning desire to write one but you don’t know where to start? Would you like to learn how to create books, publish, market and sell books on the internet? Then read on.. …Continue Reading

Can You Make a Difference With Words?

Writing a book is not an easy thing, but the rewards are amazing. I’m not talking about financial rewards so much, but the joy and pleasure of sharing something that has the capacity to change lives forever. …Continue Reading

Revival Is On The Way. Do You Believe That?

by David Wilkerson

I want to make a statement with the greatest spiritual authority possible, a statement backed by a covenant as sure as the one made to Noah. There is going to be a final, midnight hour revival, one which shall break forth on all sides. …Continue Reading

Does Your Life Look Like This?

If you are not a nicer person as a result of your faith in Jesus Christ, then something is wrong. …Continue Reading

The surprising discovery of Richard McChurch

Very thought-provoking!

Post by Rod Smith

Richard McChurch was very aware that God’s a communicating God. The still small voice or the thunderous call, and anything in between, (whichever God might choose to use at a given time) was not something to which he often laid claim. …Continue Reading

How Close Are We To Midnight?

We are watching the drama play out in the Middle East as Gaza pours rockets into Israel and suffers the consequences. How many are aware that Iran is encouraging Hamas (Gaza) and Hezbollah (Lebanon) to stir up trouble? Israel knows the real threat is Iran, her northern neighbor, and has threatened to neutralize her nuclear program. …Continue Reading

Where Have All The Fathers Gone?

A Powerful Challenge to Our Generation

Guest Post by Lorna Jackson

It was 1.30am when I was awakened by the telephone ringing. As I ran to answer it my mind was having a field day telling me all the dreadful things that might have happened to family and friends – it could only be bad news at that time of the morning.

My heart was hammering and my mouth was so dry I could hardly get ‘hello’ out. The person on the line was sobbing, gasping and almost choking and I couldn’t make head or tail of what was being said. …Continue Reading

A Prophetic Dream and a Wake-Up Call

An Urgent Prophetic Warning from the Lord

Suzette’s warning resonates with my spirit and so I pass it on to you. I believe this is a Word in Season.

Suzette’s prophetic dream 2014

by Suzette Hattingh (Reinhardt Bonnke’s main intercessor for years)

My dear team and friends,

Here is an urgent warning from the Lord, I prayed three days about it to make sure that it is God’s will for me to pass it on to you! Here it is. Please take the time to read it carefully and take note as it is indeed from the Lord. Please this has to be discerned spiritually and not naturally. …Continue Reading