Thankful Thursday


Join with us to give thanks for all things and develop a gratitude attitude. Some participating in this challenge are giving thanks for every year (i.e. 2018 gratitude posts = 39 each week). I am doing one for every day this year. That means 7 gratitude posts every Thursday.

I am thankful…

Cindy, my delightful Toy Pom
  1. For the incredible privilege of knowing the Lord Jesus Christ and being part of His Great Family.
  2. That the Lord specially created dogs as companions for human beings, giving them the ability to understand, relate to, and communicate with us in unique ways.
  3. For the privilege of being able to see the beautiful sights of nature.
  4. For my home, my motor car, and all the benefits I enjoy living in South Africa. I do not take these things for granted.
  5. For my friends who bring colour and laughter into my life.
  6. For the privilege of being an active member in my local church and being invited to minister frequently.
  7. For the internet which gives me an open door into the world “out there.”

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4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. What a privilege to get to know you better, Val. I’ve seen snippets on Shirley’s posts. Cindy’s photos seems to say, “Here I am. I’ve been waiting for you.” What a delight she must be.

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