Sell More Books – Marketing Mentor for Authors

You spent hours and hours writing and publishing your book, but sales have been dismal or even non-existent. Has that been your experience, authors? You want to sell more books. As with all things, if people don’t know your book is available they won’t buy it. That’s why marketing is such Big Business… and so expensive. It works!

How to Market and Sell Your Books

The writer of the Book of Ecclesiastes said, “Of making many books there is no end” (Ecclesiastes 12:12). “Making them” is the first part of the journey. Selling and distributing your books is a major obstacle course, but it can be done with some planning and much perseverance. The only way to get people to (more…)

A 10-Step Plan to Accelerate Your Kindle Sales

You Must Promote Your Kindle Books Kindle Publishing is certainly an exciting venture. My experience is that Kindle books are flying off the virtual shelfs at an amazing rate. That is not surprising when you know that Amazon are said to be selling over one million Kindle readers a month. And that is just the (more…)

Make Your Books Go Viral

How to Use Incentives to Get Extra Sales By Jimmy D. Brown of iBusiness Owner The vast majority of your prospects aren’t all that passionate about your offer. Truth is, they’re kind of lukewarm. They’re interested, but they’re not taking their credit card out. Instead of making a buying decision, they decide to “think about (more…)

Sell More Kindle Books With Facebook Reviews And Increased Traffic

KINDLE LINK BAIT is a new product just released by Sam England & Bill Platt and I have just acquired it. Sam and Bill produced the excellent Kindle Marketing Pro guide and their advice is really good. The Kindle Link Bait guide shows you several incredibly powerful promotional ways to gain more sales and help (more…)

How To Sell Lots Of Books

John Locke is a self-published novelist who has sold over a million copies of his e-books so far this year. He’s had as many as 8 of his novels on the Kindle Top 100 list at one time, all priced at $.99. How did he do that? In his Kindle book “How I Sold A (more…)