I Love My iPad. Here’s why….

Up to this time, I had never considered owning an iPad. After all, I had a desktop computer, a laptop and a smartphone. What more did I need? I was about to find out just how incredible this special piece of technology is.

Amazon Kindle Mania

Learn The Amazing Profit Making Kindle Strategies That Will Set Your Kindle Books Apart. This amazing eBook puts you on the fast track to selling and marketing your Kindle books with Amazon. Learn why Kindle publishing offers so much more, what tools you need to make your book stand out, marketing techniques and advice you (more…)

I’ve Been Saying For Ages That Kinde Publishing Is The Way To Go!

Press Releases David Baldacci, Amanda Hocking and Stephenie Meyer Join the Kindle Million Club Hocking is the second author to use Kindle Direct Publishing to reach this milestone SEATTLE, Nov 09, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — (NASDAQ:AMZN)–Amazon.com, Inc., today announced that David Baldacci, Amanda Hocking and Stephenie Meyer are the latest authors to join the Kindle (more…)

Be Sure You Have Your Ducks In A Row Before Publishing Your Books and/or eBooks.

Publishing Perils in the Digital Age By DAVID STREITFELD These are uncertain times for many established writers, as the case of the Hawaiian novelist Kiana Davenport shows. Until recently she had a deal with Riverhead Books, a literary line that is a division of Penguin, for a Civil War novel, “The Chinese Soldier’s Daughter.” Ms. (more…)