Healing and the Will of God.

Healing and the Will of God I was in a meeting recently where a very sick man was being prayed for. Some were speaking healing over him, commanding the cancer to vanish, and others prayed earnestly for the Lord to totally heal him. In my heart, I felt the Lord was calling him Home. I (more…)

Is Divine Healing For All?

This is a controversial question. Some believe God heals only a select few, while others teach He heals all who have sufficient faith. It is also an important question in these End Times. The Holy Spirit has taken up residence with the Church and His Gifts include the Gifts of Healing. Notice the plural “gifts.” (more…)

Jesus Is Still In The Healing Business

People-Centered Prayer Daily Provision – Physically “Give us this day our daily bread.” – Matt. 6:11 The Lord not only paid the price for our sin, but He also made provision for the healing of our bodies. (Isa 53:5). The prophet Isaiah looked forward to the Cross. The apostle Peter looks back and he says: (more…)

Helen Phillips Was Healed of Multiple Sclerosis

Helen Phillips was healed of Multiple Sclerosis by the Lord and she will be sharing her testimony at Pilgrim Ministries Bible Studies in Durban tonight (Friday, March 19). 6.00 – 7.30 pm. She is an author and excellent speaker. You don’t want to miss this. Open invitation. Time: Friday evening, March 19. 6.00 pm – (more…)