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Concise yet comprehensive KINDLE & PAPERBACK PUBLISHING MADE EASY TUTORIALS that help you prepare your book, format it professionally and publish to Amazon. Get published within 24 hours and receive up to 70% royalties with no out-of-pocket expenses (once your book is ready for publishing). Become an Amazon Best Seller!

  • Publish your book on Amazon as a Kindle edition and make it available to hundeds of thousands of eager buyers with kindle reading apps on all their digital devices.
  • Publish your book as a paperback on Amazon and reach people who love to hold a physical book in their hands.
  • Discover how to open a virtual USA bank account for royalties, commissions, and other payments.
  • Start your journey to becoming an Amazon Best Seller.
  • And much more.

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IMPORTANT!  Your book has to be well-edited and a quality publication before it will sell well. Bad reviews will turn buyers away very quickly. Make sure yours is a quality publication. Click here for some recommended editors and graphic artists.

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Every Author is an Entrepreneur. We know that merely writing a book – and even publishing it – won’t necessarily bring readers. “If you don’t tell them, they won’t come” – we have to become traffic wise.