Marketing Mentor for Authors who want to Sell More Books

Marketing Mentor Marketing Mentor is Exactly What You Need.

Marketing Mentor is for you if you have experienced disappointment because your books seem to get lost among the millions of books on offer. Marketing Mentor will help you get the word out about your books.

Do You Want to Sell More Books?

You spent hours and hours writing and publishing your book, but sales have been dismal or even non-existent. Do you wonder how marketing works and where to start? It all seems so complicated with so much red tape to navigate.

As with all things, if people don’t know your book is available they won’t buy it. That’s why marketing is such Big Business… and so expensive. It works!

I have been doing a lot of research lately to find out why some authors sell lots of books… and others don’t. It all boils down to marketing. Fortunately, there are inexpensive and also “no wallet required” ways to market our books as authors.

What is the Marketing Mentor course?

I have put together an easy-to-follow Marketing Mentor course that will be of interest to authors. You won’t need to login to any membership site or spend time watching videos. Those who join my Marketing Mentor program will receive one email every week for 52 weeks. That email will give you a specific strategy and task you can follow to get maximum exposure for your book. The following week, you will receive a new strategy.

By the end of the Marketing Mentor course, you will know which strategies work best for you and you will have a solid foundation to continue your marketing efforts.

What does the Marketing Mentor course cost?

Will this cost an arm and a leg? No, indeed. The mentoring will point you to mainly no-cost ways to advertise while suggesting paid ways for those who want to take their marketing further. You will be surprised at the tips and strategies I am going to share with you. And the bonus gifts you will receive along the way to help you achieve your goal.

This is extensive, practical, and powerful training and the entire year’s course will cost only $17. The bonuses you receive will more than cover the cost of your initial outlay.


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