How To Publish A Kindle Book

Let me help you publish your book, ebook and/or special reports in the popular Amazon Kindle Store.

The Kindle eReader has become the most gifted item in Amazon’s history. By some estimates, sales for Amazon’s Kindle eBook reader topped 8 million last year. It took the iPod and iTunes many years to become the number one music retailer in the US. The Kindle has overtaken the competition in just two years.

There are roughly a billion computers on the planet connected to the internet and about four billion mobile devices, the majority of which can read eBooks in numerous formats – including Kindle – using free software.

Why shouldn’t you be the next Kindle Best Seller?

Kindle books have to be properly formatted to read well in electronic devices. This is an area of expertise for me and I have a number of Kindle books in the Amazon Store.

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Kindle Publishing Made Easy

Publishing a Kindle book will open the door to amazing opportunities in the online publishing world and help you become known as an AUTHORity in your field of expertise.

To Your Future Success in the growing World of Kindle Books.

Val Waldeck

Hi Val, I have to congratulate you on an excellent product. I am now Kindle Published thanks to following the steps in your eBook. In fact I was so impressed with your product that I have recently written a review of it on my blog.

The fact that you’re now offering to edit the products of others and create Kindle eBooks for them means that everyone now has the chance to become Kindle Published, and that is simply fantastic.

You’ve created a firstclass product and backed it up with an exceptional service.

Congratulations Val, and thanks again.


I want someone to explain the broad and details of publishing in Kindle direct publishing. We can do this via phone. I then would like to know how to price my, book and the royalites that I would recevei from it. I would liek to provide future editions to the book concept. Are you able to asssit me with answering my questions and then performing the process of proof reading for typos and then loading the book into Kindle?

Hi Val – I’m helping someone with the publishing of his book. Are you able to assist with Amazon publishing also – as well as publishing for Kindle.

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