The Internet or Worldwide Web is a collection of electronic (digital) documents that are read on a computer screen. To obtain a physical copy, it is necessary to print the required document on your printer.

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Being published on the Internet makes it possible for your creative writing to become accessible to the world, without great expense on your part. The only limit is your ability to market your work and bring it to the attention of the millions of people “surfing the web” every hour of the day.

Millions of online readers are waiting for your book

There are millions of online readers around the world who do not have access to libraries or bookstores. Why not make your book available to them?

We are not just in the “information age”; we are in the “electronic information age” or, better yet, the “communication age”. The world of knowledge is going from a paper culture to an electronic culture.

Publishing E-books on the Internet

E-books are electronic or digital books. Instead of investing money in physical print runs, books may now be written and delivered electronically to a computer near you. Readers see the advertisement on the web, pay online, and receive a private web address in their email that allows them to download the e-book to their computer. As easy as that! The question is: how do you publish your book on the Internet as an e-book?

Electronic publishing allows you to write, store, sell and read your book without printing it.

There is an increasing demand for instant information and electronic or digital books are becoming very popular. They may be downloaded from the Internet instantly and are searchable and less expensive than regular books. Online readers need just click on an address in the e-book to instantly go to the referenced web site. They cost nothing to write and publish in full colour and can be distributed electronically without sacrificing trees!

“If book publishers can’t see the writing on the wall,
it’s because the writing is not on the wall. It’s on a computer screen.”
– Dan Poynter

Once you have transformed your manuscript into an electronic book, it may be uploaded (sent electronically via the Internet as a file) to the websites of online booksellers with whom you have an agreement, or your own website, or some other website so that it becomes available for downloading by readers. Online booksellers handle all the financial aspects and pay very generous royalties., for e.g., pays 50% of your advertised retail price for books hosted on their edocs site. Contact in this connection.

Selling your ebooks online

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Your e-book may also be copied to a CD or emailed as an attachment and distributed globally. It can be read on IPods (electronic device for listening to audio sound).  It is a very versatile product in our electronic age. All you need to access it is an electronic screen. It may also be printed out via your printer for bedtime reading!

Books are going electronic. Some bound books will soon be as dead
as the trees they are printed on
.” — Dan Poynter.

“The breakthroughs are leading authors to bypass publishers,
retailers to become publishers and publishers to become bookstores”
– Don Clark, Wall Street Journal.

How to turn your manuscript into an ebook

How do you do brain surgery? Obviously it takes some training and research to gain the expertise, but producing e-books is a simple operation once you know how.

There are many programmes that produce e-books, but I would recommend the following using Microsoft Word and turning your document into a PDF.

If you do not possess Adobe Acrobat, get PDFILL – super free PDF programme that allows you to secure your ebooks.

Obviously, there are some finer details to be aware of concerning the preparation of the document if you are using Microsoft Word.  e.g. The preferred page size is 6 x 9 inches and the book is set out in a “book layout format” so your manuscript looks like a book page. A book like “Adobe Acrobat for Dummies” will tell you all you need to know.

Remember that each edition of your e-book also requires a unique ISBN number and is treated the same way as a regular book in this regard. You will be required to send the National Library a copy on CD.

In your search for a regular publisher, you will be able to send the e-book to literary agents and publishers and offer to sell the electronic, print, translation, movie or other subsidiary rights. Recommended reading: The Self-Publishing Manualby Dan Poyner and the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook”.

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