USA Royalties

Unfortunately, companies like and Clickbank will only send USD cheques to non-residents unless you have a banking account in the USA or the UK. There is a workabout.

There is an excellent secure facility that doubles as a USA bank account. Take a look at the Payoneer card system – You will be able to access your royalties via a debit card globally or link it to your local bank account (including South African banks). You will also be able to use the local CashBack system to access your funds. (Cheapest option). Add your bank account by clicking on the “withdraw” link.

Important. Once your application has been approved, check your Payoneer profile for your USA Bank Details. Add these to your Amazon Kindle and CreateSpace accounts. Do not attempt to add the Payoneer card details. Amazon does not pay royalties to credit cards.

You will, require a USA Tax ID if you are not a USA citizen and your country does not have a treaty agreement with the USA or they will be legally required to withhold 30% of your royalties.  The good news is that many countries (including South Africa) do have treaty agreements and you need only add your local Tax ID in the Tax Interview section.