Congratulations! It has taken a lot of time, effort and concentration to bring your book to this point. Writing was the easy part! The next stage will take as much – if not more – concentration, discipline and “stickability”. There are thousands of manuscripts in cupboards around the world that did not reach the production stage and we want to help you get successfully get published.

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First things first

a.Proofreading. Has your manuscript been proofread and thoroughly checked for spelling and grammatical errors? Is your content logical, reasonable and Biblical? Is your manuscript easy to read and understand?

b.Acknowledgements. Have your quotations been acknowledged? Check the front pages of Bible translations for information about acknowledging scripture or visit the publishers via the Internet.

c.Accuracy. Are your facts accurate? e.g. “During the time of St Jerome in AD 275, everyone believed in the laying on of hands by the Bishop or the elders for the baptism of Holy Spirit.” (Everyone?)

d.Editing. Finding a professional editor to give your book a good polish is the next stage in producing a book that will be saleable. Submit your completed manuscript to your copy editor on a rewritable CD or memory stick so they may make changes directly onto the disk and return it to you. If the corrections are made on a hard copy with ink, that leaves room for additional errors when updating your manuscript.

Choosing a Publishing Route

Basically you have four choices – self-publishing, print-on-demand publishing, finding a formal publisher or using a literary agent.

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