Publishing a Book is the Best Way to Reach Our Generation

Did you know there is ONE website on the internet that can bring you 100% passive income (when used correctly)? This website has 244 MILLION users already. This means you NEVER have to worry about traffic. Ever. Plus, you don’t need a website, experience, and very limited technical know-how… it’s really easy to get started!

Why not publish on Amazon as a Kindle and Paperback version?

This is a great time to get it done. Amazon KDP now publishes kindle AND paperback books.

Consider these facts:

  • 84% of e-book sales on amazon come from Self-published (Indie) authors.
  • They are earning nearly 40% of all e-book royalties and taking significant market share in all genres.
  • Indie books are taking significant market share in all genres and are now a significant and permanent part of the book publishing landscape.
  • Royalties range up to 70% of your listed price.
  • Your books are available globally wherever Amazon has a footprint.
  • Publishing your books on this amazing platform is free. Amazon does all the selling and distribution… and sends you the royalties.

Of course, you need to know HOW to format your book for their sales platform. That is the “tricky” part. Badly formatted books get bad reviews and it is a fact that reviews are the lifeblood of successful publishing. Your book has to look good and read well if people will recommend it to others. The cover says “Pick me up” – the description says “buy me” – and the overall look of the book says “Read me!”

Amazon Publishing is the Key to Passive Income for Life

Amazon has an interesting feature on its kindle books. Buyers are able to click on the book and read about 20% of the content, which gives them a good idea as to whether or not they are going to like your book enough to buy it. If you have a message for your generation – and future generations – or you have something interesting, entertaining, or life-changing to share, take care of these details. Reviews and recommendations from satisfied readers has the potential to bring you a passive income for life.

Here are two options you may want to investigate:

If you have questions or need advice, please do not hesitate to email me.


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Dear Val
This is so so exciting

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Hi Gavin, thanks for visiting. The sky is the limit… if you work at it.

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Thanks for the help you’ve given me, Val. It is great to see my books starting to generate little bits of income. Hopefully, the more I get up there, the more I’ll gain.

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I will definitely come to you with questions when my first book is ready! Thanks for all this exciting information. Some guidance will still be needed, but it is so great to know that there is a way…

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Hi Shirley, trusting your books will bring you major royalties!

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Hi Sue,

Welcome! Keep on keeping on. The Self-Publishing facilities have opened major doors for us.

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