This is a controversial question. Some believe God heals only a select few, while others teach He heals all who have sufficient faith.

It is also an important question in these End Times. The Holy Spirit has taken up residence with the Church and His Gifts include the Gifts of Healing. Notice the plural “gifts.” Obviously believers are expected to use these Divine Facilities the Lord has provided so we may continue with His Ministry.

The New Testament clearly depicts the ministry of Jesus Christ as a Healing Ministry. The disciples and Early Church followed His pattern and the Bible is full of healing miracles. To some degree, the Church has practiced a healing ministry down through the ages and it is clear that God is still in the healing business.

Healing of the body is an integral part of the Gospel message and cannot be divorced from healing of the soul. God has been pleased to confirm His Word with signs following wherever the full gospel message is preached and faith for healing is exercised.

The Bible clearly teaches that Christ paid the full price for sickness of the soul and the body on the Cross. Those who call on the Name of the Lord for forgiveness of sin are instantly redeemed. Why then are not all who call on His Name for physical healing also instantly healed?

That healing is in the Atonement is an undisputed Biblical fact, clearly taught in the scripture. We have been “bought with a price” – body, soul and spirit – and everyone who trusts in Christ will ultimately be fully and completely healed. Our resurrection bodies will be flawless. His promise stands sure. Healing is for all who appropriate Christ’s provision and all who believe will be healed.

However, this does not mean that all will be healed in this lifetime. Many have been and many more will continue to reap the benefits of Calvary in our mortal bodies, but this is just a foretaste of the ultimate healing Christ purchased on our behalf.

There are many reasons people do not always receive physical healing in this life. For example, they range from lack of faith, wrong teaching, sin, undisciplined living, foolish eating and sleeping habits to unknown reasons, including the sovereignty of God. Each believer has to consult the Lord concerning their specific case for wisdom and insight.

Is healing for all? Yes, potentially. The Bible declares God to be the One Who “forgives our iniquities and heals all our diseases” and encourages us to pray when we are ill. We have a God-given right to ask.

At the same time, we need to be aware that there are often larger issues at stake and the Lord has the right to say “Yes”, “No” or “Wait” in order to fulfil His Divine and sovereign purposes. No amount of praying for Job would have brought relief before the appointed time of his healing. Paul was told that his “thorn in the flesh” would remain and not be healed. Elisha died of sickness in spite of the fact that God had used him to raise the dead on more than one occasion.

Yes, healing is for all who believe – ultimately. No, healing is not always experienced in this lifetime, even by those who believe. The Bible encourages us, nevertheless, to actively trust God for healing of our bodies. Unless and until the Lord indicates otherwise, we are to continue to pray and look to Him for answers.

May the Lord give us a strong desire for the Gifts of the Spirit that we may be His Arm Extended to a Needy Generation!


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I also tried Internet Explorer without problem. Try clearing your cache or press F5 a few times to get the latest copy. If that doesn’t work, check whether your browser is perhaps blocking images.

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