Thankful Thursday: Week 13

My, my, Thursday AGAIN! Can’t believe how quickly times flies. This is a very special Thursday in that it precedes the Easter Weekend, a time of celebration as we consider so great a salvation. What an incredible privilege to have the Lord of the Universe love us so much, He paid the full price of (more…)

Thankful Thursday: Week 12

Thursdays come by so quickly. Thankful Thursday Week 12 is here already! I’m wondering if it’s only me or is the world spinning faster and time spinning with it? Just 278 days left to Christmas! Well, this week I am thankful for some software I discovered that makes my life so much easier. Did you know you (more…)

Thankful Thursday: Week 11

Thankful Thursday – Week 11 Time flies by so quickly and Thankful Thursdays come and go before you realize it! This week I am so thankful that the “Tour Israel With Your Spirit” visit is on track for the end of April. All the arrangements are in hand and the Lord has sent the folks who (more…)

Thankful Thursday: Week 8

I’ve had a hectic week and this post is a day late, but I am VERY thankful that Home Affairs was so quick to sort out my Passport renewal. It took just over a week and they advised it was ready for collection. I dreaded the queue and went around 11 am to collect the (more…)