Originally written in February 2014. Updated February 2018.

Bonnie loved water and retrieving balls was her best fun. Candy was determined not to be left out. So what if Toy Poms are not supposed to dive into swimming pools and retrieve balls? That didn’t phase her in the least. The opinions, perceptions and ideas of others about her supposed capabilities were irrelevant in the pursuit of her dream.

Isn’t that a good lesson for all of us? Do you want to be a Writer or Author? Go ahead, learn the ropes…  and DO IT.

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P.S. Sadly Bonnie & Candy featured in the video have gone on to Doggy Heaven. Bonnie was succeeded by Muffin and later Pepa. Candy was succeeded by Cindy. The funny thing is that Muffin, the Labrador, HATED water!  So does Cindy, the Toy Pom. Pepa is as mad about swimming as Bonnie was… a true Labrador!

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