Amazon Publishing Service


PREMIER “Done-for-you” Amazon publishing service for Kindle and Paperback Books on

The Amazon Publishing Service includes:

  1. Kindle Formatting & Publishing on
  2. Paperback Book Formatting & Publishing on
  3. Paperback Book Publishing-only on (Print-ready PDFs supplied by you).
  4. EPub and other digital formats

I work with business, secular and Christian publications that instruct, inform and enhance the lifestyle of people. I reserve the right to be selective about the kind of material I help to publish with the Amazon Publishing Service. Click HERE for more information.

Payment is required with the order.

OPTION 1: Professional Formatting & Publishing Service on Amazon for Kindle Books

OPTION 2: Professional Formatting & Publishing Service on Amazon for Paperback Books

ManyAmazon Publishing Service writers are technologically-challenged or do not have the time to learn how to publish books on Amazon. I can help you with my “done-for-you” service.

Amazon publishing is a superb revenue source, giving you access to Amazon’s online bookshops in every country they have a footprint, including the USA, UK, Europe, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and India. You receive between 35/70 % royalties and Amazon takes care of all the sales and delivery processes. There are no further publishing costs involved.

Properly formatted Kindle books may be read on any digital device… including computers, Kindle Readers, smartphones, tablets, iPads, etc., giving you a very wide readership and access to literally millions of people. I do not use automatic software to produce the kindle book (which tends to give some “interesting” outcomes!), but hand-code each book so it looks professional on any device the reader may use.

Why shouldn’t you become the next Amazon Best  Seller?

Pricing Details per book for:

  • Kindle Books
  • Kindle Paperbacks
    (If I do your kindle book + your kindle paperback, take a discount of $40 / R500 for the paperback)
  • CreateSpace Paperbacks
  • Other formats (e.g. ePub – see Option 4)

 Price includes project management, administrative costs, and author support.

  • Up to 40,000 words: USD: $160 / ZAR: R2500 per format.
  • Over 40,000 words: USD: $225 / ZAR: R3500 per format.
  • Over 100,000 words: USD: $300/ ZAR: R4500 per format.
  • Over 200,000 words: Negotiable

You may select to publish your paperback book on Amazon via CreateSpace or KDP.Amazon (a brand now service offered by Amazon Kindle).

What is the difference between Print books published by KDP and CreateSpace?

  • The Amazon Kindle paperback service is brand new. You are not able (as yet) to order Author copies at a special price. CreateSpace offers this service.
  • Royalties: Createspace 35% after printing costs. KDP Paperbacks 60% less printing cost.
  • Benefit of one account for Kindle and Paperbacks via KDP.Amazon service.

Project management, administrative costs, and author support:

  • Professional Formatting of Amazon Kindle and Paperback books.
  • Uploading your book to Amazon.
  • Assisting you with the publishing process.
  • Advice concerning your publishing account formalities.
  • Advice on obtaining a USA Bank Account for Royalties for non-USA citizens.
  • Advice on Tax issues to avoid the 30% withholding tax for non-USA citizens.
  • Marketing strategies to get your book noticed.
  • Your personal copy of the Kindle book.

OPTION 3: Publishing-Only Service for Paperback books on Amazon (No formatting)

$60 / R800 per book. This service is for print-ready manuscripts and cover in PDF format. I will upload, proof online, and complete the publishing process + guiding you through the administrative details. You will be required to supply the PDF cover and PDF contents files (without the ISBN numbers or local printer information if you have published locally). Size required by Amazon for normal paperback books: 6×9 inches. You may select which Amazon publishing service you wish to use, i.e. KDP or CreateSpace.

OPTION 4: Professional Formatting Service for Other Formats

I will prepare your book for publishing in other formats (e.g. ePub) and guide you through publishing it in 51 countries through Smashwords, an online publishing company that publishes to Barnes & Noble and a variety of online bookshops (except Amazon) for all digital devices. Includes help with royalty payment and tax issues. There are no further publishing costs involved and royalties range from 60/85 %. Price includes project management, administrative costs and author support.

writing-file_202It is absolutely essential for books to be well-written and edited. Authors tend to fall in love with their own words and badly-written books invite negative reviews, which will cost you sales.

Recommendations for editors, proof readers, graphic artists, etc.


Important: Contact me first to discuss your project.

Manuscripts: If accepted, pay the required fee and send me your book in digital format (i.e. Word or Text).


  • High-quality jpg at least 2400 pixels long to be supplied by you for kindle and/or epub formats (front cover only).
  • Paperback books for Amazon need to be 6×9 inches and include both front and back covers.

Images: Jpg format minimum 167 dpi for Kindle books and minimum 300 dpi for Paperback books.

Complex books:

This service is not available for more complicated titles with formatting on every page, two-column formatting, extensive foreign languages or symbols, and other complexities. Straightforward digital books include basic narrative, titles and colour images. They may include lists, tables and footnotes, but not text boxes, pull quotes, or other major complexities. Common examples include any standard title, business books, theology, self-help, etc.